Tips for Purchasing The Right Motorcycle Gear

A few years ago I had an accident with my motorcycle due to which I ended up in hospital for 15 days. That accident was extremely dangerous and could end my life if I wouldn't have been wearing helmet, leather suit, gloves and boots. So what I want to say is that motorcycle gear works. They work great for protecting us from injuries during the ride. However, finding the right biking gear isn't easy. A lot of advice is required for that, especially if you're purchasing them for the first time. In this article I'm going to share what I learned from my experiences:

Helmets: I've purchased helmets three times. All of my helmets were changed as a result of crash because after crash those helmets become worthless and require replacement. The structure of a helmet is designed for one crash only so after that it's a necessity to replace them for our security. And purchasing the right helmet is the toughest task in comparison to the purchase of any other biking gear. First hurdle comes in size and structure - each of us comes to the world with a slightly different head structure so finding a helmet that suits our head remains difficult. Each manufacturer provides several different models for different heads. You need to find out whether your head is oval, square or round shaped. You should also figure out the circumference of your head. Also check the advantages and disadvantages of all helmet types. I prefer full-face helmets because it really hurts when we get hurt in cheek by a bug at 60 mph.

Jackets: Second important thing that you can purchase after a helmet is a jacket. While purchasing a motorcycle jacket keep in mind that it should have armors in all proper places and should be made of thick leather. Also consider your riding style, riding environment, overall height, chest size and length of sleeves carefully. Having a motorcycle jacket for each and every season is also a good idea. And there's also a reason for which motorcycle jackets lack collars - if you're riding faster than 40 mph then collar of jacket will produce a clacking sound again and again by hitting the helmet. Lastly, don't buy jackets that are too loose because on high speeds such jackets don't seem comfortable due to their heavy material.

Boots: Motorcycle boots exist in the market because they provide traction, comfort, function and protection while riding. So purchase them. Keep in mind that boots of racetracks and streets are a bit different in certain things. So purchase them wisely according to your requirements.

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